Profile 003: Geoff's business story (Young Kobras)

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The successful journey of the San Franciscan gluten-free bakery

• Tell us about your journey to create your brand/product.

I started experimenting with gluten-free sourdough bread while baking at a cafe in the Mission. With few quality gluten-free bread options on the market, I wanted to create a delicious gluten-free bread without the gums, and refined flours used in most gluten-free baked goods. I studied biology in college, and love the challenge of experimenting to create something unique. Driven by a sense of curiosity, and belief in the importance of nutrition, I developed my own whole grain gluten-free sourdough bread.  

• How did you land on the name?

Young Kobras is a spin on my nickname growing up. My last name is Kober, and I am the youngest in my family. 

• Best advice you’ve received as a business owner?

Slow growth is best. I’ve found it’s easy to become impatient, and desire an increase in production and output as a business owner. Growing slow helps reduce mistakes associated with growing pains all businesses face. Since taking this advice, I’ve had the opportunity to adjust my recipe (so many times), and change the size and shape of the loaves. This allows me to test the market, and find out what customers really want, so I can do my best to create a bread everyone loves! 

• Who are your mentors?

So many people have shared significant advice with me since starting my business. Some of my first mentors include Andrea De Francisco, and Kevin Mitchell. Andrea owned the cafe where I started baking the bread, and was a major influence by being an awesome stylish business owner in San Francisco. She was extremely supportive, and the first restaurant to start using my bread! Kevin was a general manager at the cafe during the same time. I will always be grateful for Kevin’s support and belief in the viability of my bread throughout the development of my business. 

• What food or beverage are you enjoying most right now?

Volcano Kimchi! I love fermented foods, and Aruna, the owner of Volcano Kimchi, creates some incredibly delicious products. She uses unique, organic ingredients like mustard greens and bok choy to make awesome ferments with deliciously complex flavors. 

You can find Young Kobras bread at Douglas. Visit to learn more.

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